Safety, Security & Privacy

Report a Safety Concern or Incident

Reporting something that happened offline

If you have been a victim of crime or if you feel that you are in a potentially dangerous situation, contact your local law enforcements immediately.

Our user’s safety is our utmost priority. To report a serious incident, please contact us at and include the following information: -

  • Date, time and location of the incident
  • What occurred during the incident
  • Name, Age, Bio and photos that appear on their profile (Screenshots)
  • Any known facts about the user (location, phone number, email, etc.)
Reporting something that happened on the App
Report in the App
  • While Swiping, open the user’s profile, scroll down and tap report.
  • From your Match List, select the user to open the message screen, tap on the user’s profile photo to open the profile, scroll down and tap report.
Report via Email

Our user’s safety is our top priority and we encourage you to immediately report any user you find violating our policies and community guidelines. To send a report via email, you can send an email to and include the following information: -

  • Reason for Report
  • Name, Age, Bio and photos that appear on their profile (Screenshots)
  • Any known facts about the user (location, phone number, email, etc.)
Someone is Impersonating me

Impersonation is a crime. If you find someone impersonating you and misusing your personal information, please report immediately to the local law enforcements. Please write to us at with the following information: -

  • Reason for Report
  • Name, Age, Bio and photos that appear on their profile (Screenshots)
  • Any known facts about the user (location, phone number, email, etc.)
  • Once you have done so, you will receive an email with a secret word which you have to write on a piece of paper and click a photo of yourself while holding it. Please make sure that the words are visible. Along with the photo, you will also need to send a scanned copy of your ID Proof (Driver’s License, Aadhar Card or Voter ID) as a proof that you are who you say you are. Once your identity is verified, the reported account will be deleted along with the ID proof that you emailed us.

Someone I know is being impersonated

If you know someone who is being impersonated, please contact them immediately and have them file a report with the local law enforcements along with writing to us so that we can take the necessary steps.

I’m concerned about another user’s safety

If you know someone who is in immediate danger, please contact the local law enforcements immediately for help.

If you or someone you know is in emotional distress, there are people available for help, listen, support and offer guidance on whatever you may be dealing with.

  • Jeevan Aastha Suicide Prevention And Mental Health Care Helpline:
  • AASRA:
    • Help-Line: 9820466726
    • Hours: Open 24 hours
    • Address: 104, Sunrise Arcade, Plot No. 100, Sector 16, Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai - 400709
    • Website:
  • COOJ Mental Health Foundation
    • Help-Line: 9822562522
    • Hours: Monday - Friday: 09:30 AM - 04:00 PM; Saturday: 09:30 AM to 12:00 PM; Sunday: Closed
    • Address: H. No. 7A-738, Opposite St. Anthony's Chapel, Mano Shanti, Boa Vista, Mapusa, Bastora, Goa 403507
    • Website:
  • Sanjivini
    • Help-Line: 011-40769002, 011-41092787, 011-24311918, 011-24318883, 011-43001456, 9871346488, 9911939883
    • Hours: Monday to Friday - 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM
    • Address 1: South of IIT, Near FAI, Bus Stand, A - 6, Satsang Vihar Marg, Block A, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110067
    • Address 2: Above Shop No. 182, Above State Bank Of India, Under Defence Colony Flyover, Jungpura Side, New Delhi, Delhi 110024
    • Website:
  • Vandervala Foundation
  • Kiran (Government Helpline)
    • Help-Line: 18005990019
    • Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Parivarthan Counselling Training and Research Centre
    • Help-Line: 7676602602
    • Hours: Monday to Friday: 01:00 PM to 10:00 PM; Sunday - Closed
    • Address: No. 3310, 1st Floor, 8th Cross, 13th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
    • Website:
  1. All information disclosed here has been taken either from their respective websites or from Google My Business
  2. None of the Organizations mentioned here are in any way related or endorsed. This is purely for informational purpose.
  3. Love2Knot® does not own, operate or run any of the helplines mentioned above.
  4. The information listed is subject to change and each user is responsible to double check and verify the information listed above before using it.
  5. Love2Knot® is not responsible for any damages or miscommunication and disclaims all liability for damages of any kind arising out of calls made to these helpline numbers
  6. For any error, addition, deletion or removal by law, email immediately at

Additional Resources

Community Guidelines

Welcome to Love2Knot® Community! If you are honest, kind and considerate towards others, you will always be welcome here. However, if you do not abide by the community guidelines, you will no longer be a part of it.

Our goal is to allow everyone a safe and responsible environment where they can look for their soulmate without worrying about being harassed. We expect everyone to uphold themselves to the same standard.

To review our community guidelines, click here.

Safety Tips

Meeting new people is an exciting experience. However, one should not forget their safety and caution while interacting with people who are basically strangers. Use your best judgement and put your safety as your utmost priority. Whether it is exchanging messages or meeting in person, keep these safety tips in mind to keep yourself safe and secure.

Information for law enforcement

If you are a law enforcement officer and want to get in contact with us, you can email us at

Note: We will not respond to email sent to the above mentioned email address by non-law enforcement officials.

Does Love2Knot® have a support phone number?

While we do not offer customer support phone line; our dedicated support team is always available online to help you. Contact Love2Knot® support at

On a relevant note, please be aware of fake customer support numbers posted on various websites; none of which are affiliated with Love2Knot®. Love2Knot® support is always free of charge. Love2Knot® will never ask to remotely connect your computer for any support - related requests.

How does ID Card Verification work?

ID Card verification works in two steps: Video verification and ID Card Verification. You will receive a “verified” status once your profile passes both steps.

We check and verify whether the person in the video and the person on the ID card matches or not. If we are unable to match, we request a better scanned ID proof copy along with another video until the match is successful. Whether you complete these steps or not are under your prerogative and while not compulsory, it is recommended so that users can know that you have a verified profile and are genuinely interested in looking for a soulmate.

How do you use the ID Verification Information?

We only use the information for the purpose of verifying an account. This is to prevent spammers, scammers and bots from creating profiles in our database.

What will you keep after the verification is complete?

We only keep the video itself which is added to your Love2Knot® profile as your profile preview for other users to view. Any other information provided during the verification purpose is deleted and purged from our systems.

How do I delete my Video?

After the profile verification is complete, you can delete your videos from your profile at any time.

Under what legal authority do you process the ID Card Verification Information?

The ID card Verification is done only through your consent.

What is Love2Knot®’s Policy for the retention and deletion of Biometric Information?


Biometric Information (facial recognition) is only done during the verification process with your consent. Once your verification is complete, the biometric information is deleted. We retain the video that is uploaded onto your profile as your preview for other users to watch. However, you can delete this video any time by going to your profile.


When we delete your biometric information, after the completion of the profile verification process, it is permanently purged from our systems and can no longer be retrieved.

How do I find more information about Love2Knot®’s data practices, including my privacy rights?

You can visit our Privacy Policy page to go through our data practices and your privacy rights


Report a bug or security vulnerability

We always encourage security practitioners to give us feedback to improve the security of our application and user data. You can report it to us at

I think that my account is compromised

If you notice any suspicious activity on your account such as messages you did not send or photos you did not upload, you can contact us immediately with your concern at

To keep your account secure, we provide an optional step at the time of registration to activate “Two-Step Authentication” on your account, wherein you are asked to register and verify your phone number. Doing so makes it so that whenever your Love2Knot® account is accessed via a new device, you will be asked to enter an OTP sent to your number before you are granted access to your account.

Age Verification

How does Age Verification work?

At the time of account creation, you are asked to upload a scanned copy of a valid ID proof (Driver’s License, Voter ID, Aadhaar Card or PAN Card) which also contains your Date of Birth.
During the verification process, if you are found to be below 18, your account creation request is automatically rejected.

Which forms of ID are accepted?
  • Driver’s License
  • Voter ID
  • Aadhar Card (or your country’s equivalent of National Identity Card)
  • PAN Card
Which forms of ID Card are not supported?
  • Pension Book
  • Resident Card
  • Student ID Card
  • Temporary Driver’s License
How long does the verification process last?

The verification process does not take more than a few hours.

How long does Love2Knot® retain information on my ID?

We only retain your ID for the duration of the verification process. Once it is completed, we delete and purge your information from our system so that it is not recoverable.

Why was my account creation request rejected citing Age not verified?

It may be due to the following reasons: -

  • Invalid ID
  • You are under 18
  • Did not meet the standard - if the ID submitted is damaged, covered or unclear and the information cannot be read, the ID is not considered.
Why do I need to verify my identity and age?

Reasons for Identity Verification: -

  • To prevent Impersonation
  • To discourage scammers / spammers
  • To discourage Bots

Reasons for Age Verification: -

  • The minimum age requirement for Love2Knot® app is 18 years old.


How are my interactions with other members processed by Love2Knot®?

Keeping you safe is and will always be a top priority. We use automated tools to scan interactions like messages, solely for indications of harmful or illegal behavior.

Our trained agents may review interactions that are flagged by our automated tools or in response to a user report. We may use these examples to train our technology to improve our ability to find and remove similar content.